Free Millilitres to Ounces (ML To OZ Calculator) Converter

Hello friends! As you know, you might require to convert ml to oz frequently, so we decided to make this site to answer all your queries related to this conversion and other such queries.

Ml (or milliliter) equals to 1/1000th of a liter. It is a measurement of the metric system, which includes base units of measurements such as meters, kilograms, etc. it is a standard system of measurement adopted by many countries of the world.

Ounce (or oz) is a unit for calculating mass, weight, and volume used in the imperial measurement system, or the British measurement. There are several measurements of an ounce which are currently in use :

  • A troy ounce is used to measure precious metals, and about 31.1 g is used to measure precious metals such as gold, silver, palladium, etc.
  • An ounce-force metal is used to measure weight, which is used to measure force.
  • A fluid ounce is a measurement of volume

For the purpose of this site, we shall be concentrating on the measurement of a fluid ounce,  which is used to measure liquids. This measurement will tell you about the volume of a liquid. So here through our site, you will be able to measure the volume of liquid in ml by converting it into ounce.

To convert 1 ml to oz, you need to divide the required value by 29.574. And to convert 1oz into ml, you need to multiply the required value by 29.574.

By knowing the formula to convert ml to an ounce or vice-versa, you can understand the metric system and it can be required by you to find out the volume of liquids on a day-to-day basis. It can be used in cooking recipes where you may be required to measure the volume of various liquids.

And if you are a citizen of US or UK, it is very useful for you since both ml and ounce are the units of standard measurement there and are widely used by many industries. So might require to convert or vice-versa for various practical life situations.

Here through this article, we shall try to cover all the topics which you might use to know about ml to ounce conversion or convert any value from ml to ounce.

ML to OZ Conversion

An ounce is a standard unit of measurement of various quantities, such as weight, force, and volume. Here through this article, we shall try to provide you with the conversions from this converter of the most commonly used measurements. There are many online sites which provide you with this converter charts. But here we shall provide you with an easy-to-use chart in a printable and HD quality which you can easily download in your devices such as mobiles, laptops, tablets, etc. So you can use it as a quick reference anytime and anywhere.

Given below is an ml to ounce conversion table chart showing the conversion values from 1 to 50 ml.

 convert oz to ml

Convert ml To Ounces Liquid

Converting ml to an ounce is very useful for many situations,  such as in science, in measuring recipes, or in breweries to measure alcohol.

Many of us do not know the formula of converting ml to the ounce and may be stuck in situations where required to convert ml to the ounce. We may look up to the internet for finding the exact value in oz, but it may not always be accurate and convenient to find. Sometimes the results might appear in decimals and you might have to round it to the nearest figure.

Here we are providing you with a printable ml to the conversion chart in a simplified format. So you can easily find the value from this converter of the most commonly used values from this chart.

OZ to ML Liquid

If we consider the imperial and US measurement system, then the measurement of fluids in oz to ml liquid is used very frequently. Since oz is a standard unit of measurement in US and UK measurement systems, it is used frequently in day-to-day situations.

 convert oz to ml

For instance, if you are a professional chef, you would like to know the exact value of fluids in this converter or vice-versa.

Here in our site, we have provided you with an oz to ml converter which is very easy to use. You just need to enter the required value and it will show the result in oz or ml, whichever unit you have chosen.

ML To OZ Chart

An oz to ml chart is very useful to have an idea about the oz to ml conversion values as well as quickly find the values from oz to ml or vice-versa.

ML to OZ Chart

This printable oz to ml chart is very useful for students, parents, professionals, or even if you want to gain knowledge about this conversion. So you can download and print this oz to ml chart and use it whenever you want

How Many ML In OZ Of Fluid

If you want to convert any value from this converter or vice-versa, the first thing which you require to know is how many ml in oz of fluid. It will help you perform the rest of the calculations and help you calculate this or vice-versa easily.

So to answer your question, there are 29.5735 ml in 1 ounce of fluid. You can convert any value from this by dividing it by 29.5735. And similarly to convert oz to ml, you need to multiply  29.5735 to the respective value.


Many of you might have queries regarding the conversion of oz to ml. So here we shall try to answer some of the common queries you might have regarding this. It will provide you with a ready reference to convert some of the common values from oz to ml or vice-versa.

  • 60 ml                                                     2.02884 oz
  • 15 ml                                                     0.50721 oz
  • 20 ml                                                     0.67628 oz
  • 40 ml                                                     1.35256 oz
  • 5 ml                                                       0.16907 oz

We hope you found this article helpful. We have tried to cover all the topics related to this converter. Still, if you have any queries regarding how to use the converter or any related topic, please feel free to contact us anytime. We will try to take up your queries.