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When it comes to measuring liquids, there are different units of measurement used in different countries. In the United States, fluid ounces (oz) are commonly used, while in most other countries, milliliters (ml) are the standard unit of measure. Therefore, it may be necessary to convert from one unit of measurement to another in order to accurately measure liquids for various purposes, such as cooking or pharmaceuticals.


To convert 2 oz to ml, we need to know the conversion factor between the two units. The conversion factor between fluid ounces and milliliters is 1 fluid ounce = 29.5735 milliliters.


Using this conversion factor, we can use the following formula to convert 2 oz to ml:

ml = oz x 29.5735

where ml is the volume in milliliters and oz is the volume in fluid ounces.

Substituting the value of 2 oz in the formula, we get:

ml = 2 x 29.5735

ml = 59.147 ml

Therefore, 2 fluid ounces is equivalent to 59.147 milliliters.


Converting from fluid ounces to milliliters (and vice versa) can be necessary in various situations. By using the conversion factor between the two units and the formula ml = oz x 29.5735, we can accurately convert any volume from fluid ounces to milliliters. In this case, we found that 2 fluid ounces is equivalent to 59.147 milliliters.

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