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When it comes to measuring liquid substances, there are different units of measurement used around the world. In the US, fluid ounces (oz) are commonly used, while in many other parts of the world, milliliters (ml) are the preferred unit of measurement. Knowing how to convert between these units is essential, especially when dealing with recipes or measurements from different countries. In this guide, we will show you how to convert 12 oz to ml.


To convert 12 oz to ml, we need to use a conversion factor. A conversion factor is a number that allows us to change a value from one unit of measurement to another. In this case, the conversion factor is the number of milliliters in one fluid ounce. The exact value of this conversion factor can vary slightly depending on the source, but it is generally accepted to be 29.5735 ml/fl oz.


The formula for converting 12 oz to ml is as follows:

12 oz x 29.5735 ml/fl oz = 354.882 ml

Therefore, 12 fluid ounces is equivalent to 354.882 milliliters.

Step-by-Step Guide:

To convert 12 oz to ml, follow these steps:

Step 1: Identify the conversion factor

The conversion factor for fluid ounces to milliliters is 29.5735 ml/fl oz.

Step 2: Set up the conversion equation

To convert 12 oz to ml, we can set up the conversion equation as follows:

12 oz x 29.5735 ml/fl oz = ?

Step 3: Perform the calculation

Now we can simply multiply 12 oz by the conversion factor to get the number of milliliters:

12 oz x 29.5735 ml/fl oz = 354.882 ml

Step 4: Round the answer (optional)

In some cases, it may be necessary to round the answer to a certain number of decimal places. In this case, we can round the answer to three decimal places, giving us:

12 oz = 354.882 ml (rounded to 3 decimal places)


Converting between fluid ounces and milliliters is a common task that is necessary when dealing with different units of measurement for liquid substances. To convert 12 oz to ml, we need to use the conversion factor of 29.5735 ml/fl oz and multiply it by the number of fluid ounces we are converting. The resulting value is the equivalent number of milliliters.

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